Like most people, when I started out with this online thing I just wanted to make some Extra Money.

I mean working for a BOSS is great and all that BUT lets be honest there is something special about when you achieve something you start from scratch.

Hi there! I’m a normal bloke from a Little town in Fife Scotland, father of two and Partner to an amazing woman.

SO what made me want to start an online Business? Well i had use the internet go grow a business in Edinburgh Scotland, maybe i was lucky of timed it perfectly, but it worked this INTERNET thing.

As the kids grew up and we wanted to live life more on our own terms have just that little bit more freedom have that work freedom life. We didn’t want to be rich we already were in live and in love!

As a new online business we wanted to teach other what we had learned in our work life over the last 20 odd years and build in that, to keep learning more.

It was more that we had a vision of how we wanted to live and getting away from the rat race, the 9-5 the constraints and the demand of the commute to work and having the ability to live a more relaxed life.

Is this easy? No

Is it worth it? keep following this website and youtube channels to find that out 😉