Important Things to Know BEFORE You Start Affiliate Marketing 2021

Hey guys so you clicked on this because you’re thinking about doing affiliate marketing in 2021. Or you want to scale your affiliate marketing business to the next level you are in the right place. In this blog I’m going over things that you need to know before building a profitable affiliate marketing business.

This is a very strategic business so make sure to read until the end, these are all things that i wish someone had told me before i began building my affiliate business. And if you follow these steps i guarantee you’ll want to be more successful in generating income to know.

What types of content to make and have a better vision for your affiliate marketing business. Let’s get started the first thing you need to know is that the opportunities are endless with affiliate marketing this industry has been around for quite a while now but it’s a lot bigger than people think.

Take a look at this chart you can see that by the year twenty twenty two affiliate marketing spending in the U.S. is going to be around eight point two billion dollars. This is three times what it was ten years ago and globally it’s going to be even more. Search interest is also up two hundred percent since twenty fifteen. Now really interesting fact is that eighty five percent of shoppers will search on google first before purchasing something. This presents the perfect opportunity for blogs and YouTube, because if you’re able to make content about these products you’ll be the last point of contact before they actually buy.

Thirty five percent of affiliates

A recent survey concluded thirty five percent of affiliates made in annual revenue of at least twenty thousand dollars, this is a lot of money I’m not exactly sure how accurate the survey. But it just shows you that you know there is action, money in this industry in affiliate marketing in 2021

It’s never too late to start

The second thing that you have to know that not all content is made the same, the stuff that does really well with affiliate marketing is highly targeted content that is very specific you really can make general content and expect it to convert low. There’s just a lot of people creating content these days, so you really need to find a way to stand out as an article or video is just to broaden the no one’s going to click on it rather than click on something that is more targeted and specific.

Earnings per click

Affiliate programs earnings per click Don’t think that you’ll get that exact amount per click. That is not the right way to go about it because not all views and clicks are the same with new affiliates.

Let’s talk about money habits for example versus a post about how to stay secure in the digital age. Obviously those articles are going to perform extremely well, is definitely the one that’s about stay secure in the digital age is going to have a much higher earnings per click then the block posts.

Money habits and the same thing applies to any other affiliate marketing programs are really there is a lot of importance in making the right context about the right types of products without the right content your conversion rate really suffers and while i think is like one that really targets

post is much better than ten very general posts well. What i want you to do is get into your consumers mind what will they research before buying the products, or where are they looking to do research before buying using that information go out and create the right type of content that, performs well.

Traffic dictates your success

The third thing i really want to talk about is traffic, it dictates your success it’s extremely easy to start affiliate marketing. But it’s very hard to do well and what is the main reason for that is because traffic is hard to get anyone can go out there and sign up for a bunch

different affiliate marketing programs. If they don’t have a right traffic then BOOM they’re not going to get any clicks and they’re not going to make any money but you guys it’s totally okay to sign up for these affiliate programs without a lot of views just don’t expect to make a lot of money at the start if you want to be able to make six figures in affiliate marketing in 2021 revenue and every year this means that you’re going to need thousands to tens of thousands of views per day. What’s the best way to do this well, the best way like i sort of mentioned earlier is to make great content that ranks while and gives people a lot of value.

Are we more likely to share and all this stuff

When people watch your videos for longer, or they will read your blog or article longer and they are way more likely to share and all this stuff. Search engines pick up on that performance and put higher in the search results, you want to focus on building the audience first before dying.

Video and Blog’s it’s a beautiful affiliate marketing space and to build you’re audience first you just need to give up a lot of value that is the key word that i tell everyone that wants to be successful as silly marketing you need to give VALUE for a long time and when you do that, You’re rewarded within gauged audience that will actually click on your link and purchase whatever product it is the fourth thing you guys happen to know is do you really want to practice strict call to actions. It doesn’t matter if you’re making videos or if you’re writing blog posts.

The really important thing that you don’t want to be, is too silky because that turns off a lot of people. For example if your blog post starts off with hey guys check out this product blah blah blah that’s pretty bad instead you’ll want to add value and don’t make it sound or look like selling.

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