How to make more profit in business in 2021

What do you think about affiliate marketing and blogging? Affiliate marketing is nothing more than you’re acting as a middle person you are working with a vendor you’re choosing a product that you you believe in and you want to promote.

Maybe you have an email list or online social media that every single time they say a hundred dollar worth of product placement of hundred dollars and then you promoted maybe you get a five percent ten percent twenty percent commission every single time you send someone to the vendor and then make a purchase.

You are in what we call field commission blogging, you’ve seen those before write long articles short article on a on a simple blog or maybe it was word press pretty simple model.

Bloggers can make six figure a year

Think of this as part of your strategy the part of the only be a secondary revenue stream versus the primary reason I say that is because let’s say you got your own business you’re selling products and see you an economist business okay to selling them products you’re doing all of that and you’re building a list you could end a blog to your e-commerce store to generate more press the generate more traffic.

People would see a store or within your blog if you want to you could have asked sent on there so when people who don’t buy your products and not interested in your products so at least you’re making revenue from google is debts

revenue stream that’s okay that’s free money that’s cool now on the other hand if you have an e commerce stole where you have a lot of customers coming in and this stayed you are selling and survival kit

you know where the emergence a kid maybe a flashlight little packets like that let’s say that’s why you sell online i sell the the knives right which by the way is a very good business read profit business and that’s what you’re selling and you have

thirty forty thousand customers that you’ve accumulated over the years so that’s good so how can so you have the primaries business but you can have a secondary business as an affiliate marketing business because you have all these customers so maybe then you could

do a an affiliate launch to your list and say hey you know for those you bought these are emergency kits survival kit for me here is some other products that maybe you would be interested in you know

that these products is is complimentary to what you’re offering knocking competition right it complements what you’re offering and do customers were appreciate it so you have your primary business that is driving themselves but then you have almost like a

a secondary revenue stream also a trophic generation strategy through your blog and then from time to time if you want to you can also offer other people’s products to your list of your customers that the field marketing so he’s the

a secondary revenue source i think it’s great as a primary revenue source i think sometimes it’s not so good because it takes a lot of effort to make a block profitable it takes a long time and you can produce

a lot of content and most bloggers don’t make a whole lot of money steal make a little bit money here and there but not enough for them to to pay all the bills to just to make a full time living doing it or i feel a marketing the problem with the feel marketing is fluctuates

something and make money we don’t promote something you lose money unless you are promoting something that gives you a week current income let’s say you’re promoting hosting you’re promoting something to a software that you’re actually getting pay on a week

says that’s a different story right but even then you still you need to spend money to spend effort to spend time to drive a trophic so desk deal that takes a little effort so i like is the secondary not as a primary strategy let me know what other question

you might have when it comes to to the marketing online marketing these are very basic questions if you ask more advanced question i could answer those for you but unfortunately most of my viewers you’ll begin beginner so give me that

question and i’ll give you a better answer go ahead common

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