How do I start affiliate marketing UK?

How do I start affiliate marketing UK?

After 2020 the upsurge of people looking into other methods of income are on the increase, in this article we ask and answer the question “How do I start affiliate marketing UK? In 2021

1. Do market and niche research.

2. Choose a platform to promote on.

3. Pick profitable products.

4. Make a Marketing plan.

5. Plan your time.

6. Build sales pages be it a blog or Landing pages.

7. Drive Traffic to the offers.

8. Learn how to drive people on a consistent basis to the offers.

9. Build the “Know, Like and Trust” with your audience.

10. Create content on a consistent basis that gives value to the end user.

11. Solve peoples problems. 

Do Market and Niche Research.

What is Market and Niche research? Think about what you have an interest in, then check that there is a market for those products. Ensure that the products solve a problem for people and that people are searching for either Reviews or Price comparisons.

Choose a platform to promote on.

You will need to get customers, and to do this you need to pick a platform to promote on, be it a WordPress blog post, Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or YouTube.

These are all great ways to let people know about your products. I would suggest you stick to one platform and master that before you think about moving on to another. 

This is where people go wrong; they try something new for a few months, don’t see any results so move onto something else. I've done this myself in the past and then watched as others stuck it out, grew and flourished.

Pick profitable products.

You really need to think hard about this. Look at it this way, it’s just as easy, and done the exact same way, to promote a product that makes you £1000 profit as it is to promote something that gives you £5 profit.

What product would you rather promote?

One thing that goes against this theory is that you are promoting more than one product, giving you a wider range of people to market to and problems to solve. Say you are promoting, for instance, “Motorhome” products, you can build a Website or YouTube channel talking about all the different products.

This gives you more room and makes it far easier to make content for.

Make a Marketing plan.

Making a market plan for Affiliate Marketing is not that hard. Create an actionable marketing strategy. Set tracking or reporting guidelines to check what is working and what isn’t.

This is where most FAIL at Affiliate Marketing, they think all you need to to is post a few links and people will buy from you!

They WILL on the other hand, if the people you are targeting (The Traffic) is super targeted on the need of that person (i.e. if they are looking for that Product).

Plan your time.

Why you need to plan your Time as an Affiliate Marketer. Affiliate Marketing in the UK is Just like any other Business, the more you put into it the more you will get out. Gone are the easy days posting links and people buy as it’s NEW; that’s so 2010 to 2015.

Plan your time to make content that will engage People. Plan your time to think about the Affiliate Marketing products you are promoting and what type of people need, or are looking for, that product.

Just think of the old saying, not just in Affiliate Marketing but any Business -


Build sales pages, whether a Blog or Landing pages.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest Businesses to get started in, and like anything else you need to have control of your business and you need to track what the customer is doing. 

One of the best ways to do this is with a WordPress blog and for this I use SiteGround

With other platforms around, Siteground wins on price, ease of use and can install WordPress. 

Drive Traffic to the offers.

What is Traffic? It is basically people that are interested in the thing you are promoting.

In simplest terms, it is when you pay to display ads for your products that you are driving Traffic, Leads, Customers, call them what you like, to an Offer. 

In Affiliate Marketing when you drive Traffic, i.e. lead, people to a Website or Landing page, if they then go to the sales page and BUY, you get paid. 

How to drive Traffic. Simple really, produce content that engages people or helps them with their need to find a product. Your JOB as an Affiliate Marketer is to Drive people to the offer, it’s that simple.


Learn how to drive people on a consistent basis to the offers.

This is the Achilles heel of Affiliate Marketing and where most FAIL. People say it’s a SCAM or it doesn’t WORK. Yet, when asked how many people clicked on the links, how many people did they get to the OFFER page? You then come to the conclusion that THIS is where the real problem is. 

This is why we say to anyone New into Affiliate Marketing is know your product. Then you need to know what type of people are looking for that product. It’s then easier to focus on where the best place is to find your customers and to grow on that platform. Be the person that has the Know, Like and Trust for people to get a review of a product or ask advice.

You are then Consistently driving people to  your affiliate offers

Build the Know, Like and Trust with your audience.

As above the easiest way to make money with Affiliate Marketing, is to build an Audience. It takes time and it’s all about them getting to know you and trusting the information you are telling them, and most of all, that FaceBook special, the LIKE.

I used to say in the early days of Online Marketing, LIKES don’t make you money!

They don’t in theory, but they do help the algorithms and they show you that people are engaging with your posts. This is where the Know, Like and Trust comes into play.

Do not always TRY and SELL something. Give them value, review products or compare products and give your opinion. It all helps.

Make content on a consistent basis that gives value to the end user.

Hands up if you ever start something, for example, and have a go at it for a few weeks then either give up, get fed up, or just get LAZY. This is another big one for people that FAIL with Affiliate Marketing.

This is where your Marketing Plan comes into its own. People that plan out their content in affiliate marketing are generally the ones that make the most and are the biggest successes. 

Whatever platform you picked at the beginning of this article make sure you plan to put out content regularly. For instance, 3 times a day for Instagram and TikTok, once a week for a blog or video.

Just make sure you show up, this is what builds the Know, Like and Trust.

Solve peoples problems.

Affiliate Marketing is all about one thing, putting a product out there that helps people with something they are looking for. Say for instance you have tinnitus; you would then go looking online, likely on Google, it is the worlds Number One search engine after all. 

If you have a blog all about that subject and they find it, BOOM! You are now an Affiliate Marketer.


Does Affiliate Marketing work in the UK? Simply put YES.

Can you start with no MONEY? You can definitely start affiliate marketing with no money. Just follow the steps above. 

Affiliate Marketing is a Flexible sales model that creates multiple income streams. However, it is not an easy, get-rich-quick model of income.

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