clickfunnels vs kartra 2021 – Review

Clickfunnels vs kartra 2021 Comparison Review 

Clickfunnels is for entrepreneurs and business owners with a focus on marketing products and services to expand their reach and make sales online.

Choose Kartra If You need a cheap but comprehensive pricing plan ( Clickfunnels is very limited on the base plan) And you want to run your entire business on one platform.

KARTRA also give you a Trial (Get it here) 

In this head-to-head comparison, we'll go over what they are, how they compare, the pros and cons on both sides, pricing, and then my final recommendation for which is better overall.

Especially at the lower tiers, Kartra is a much cheaper Clickfunnels alternative coming in at less than 1/3rd of the cost.

This isn't the only reason why it is hands down, one of the best ClickFunnels alternatives and this video dives into many of the advantages it provides.

Of all the alternatives to Clickfunnels in the market, Kartra has one of the best reputations as it's built by well-known marketing industry professionals.


You missed out!


Clickfunnels vs kartra 2021 Comparison at a Glance 

1. Features
Winner: Kartra offers a much more extensive feature-set and a more comprehensive all-in-one solution compared to ClickFunnels.

2. Ease of Use / Customizability 
Winner: Both platforms are equally competitive in this category, offering a similar level of customization.

3. Conversion Tracking Capabilities
Winner: Kartra offers many tracking tools that you don’t find with ClickFunnels, including scroll tracking, certainty ratio and 360-degree analytics.

Kartra’s features.

  • Drag-&-Drop Builder – drag-and-drop builder to easily slide different components onto the page.
  • Template Market Place – choose from a wide variety of beautifully drafted, free or paid templates for landing pages, websites or plug-and-play campaigns.
  • 100% Mobile Responsiveness – all the pages built in Kartra are 100% responsive for all handheld devices.
  • Expert for Hire – Kartra also offers a marketplace where you can hire experts to develop your business strategy, funnel campaigns, membership portal setup, sequences and automation, etc.
  • Products and Affiliates Management – the platform offers a complete system to manage your products, affiliates and the payments involved.
  • Leads Groups and Tags – You can group different kinds of leads, contacts or subscribers and segment them into different categories which makes it easier to run email campaigns or offer upsells or coupons.
  • Membership – create high-level membership portals with multiple access levels for your customers.
  • Advanced Email Automation Tool – Kartra offers a complete system for email marketing and creating follow-up funnels. You can also create advanced ‘IFs and THENs’ sequences and automation for follow-up funnels.
  • YES and NO Booleans – use custom Yes and No rules to define varied automated paths for different customer segments.
  • Funnel Sharing – you can also share funnels with colleagues, clients or friends that have Kartra accounts. 
  • Integrated Shopping Cart – The platform offers a full-fledged payment handling with an integrated shopping cart, so you don’t have to go for a third-party solution.
  • A/B Split Tests – you can use intelligent split testing to compare different versions of your web pages or campaigns to see which ones are better for conversions. 
  • Video Hosting – Kartra offers internal video hosting which means you can directly upload your videos into the Kartra platform rather than having to embed links from an external source.
  • Lead Capture Forms – create customized lead capture forms with as many fields as you require. The software also remembers these details for automatic pre-fills in the future.