THE BEST carpet cleaning business marketing EVER in 2023

How to make 100k a year.

100000 pounds or one hundred thousand dollars a year in your small business.

Let’s talk about carpet cleaning business marketing, but you can use this strategy for any small business at all. See how we can reverse engineer one hundred thousand dollars a year, for your carpet cleaning business. And how your marketing is going to do that for you completely free.

How to get leads for a Carpet Cleaning Business

So we’re going to start off by generating leads. And, the first thing that you want to do, is on as many platforms as possible. To generate leads, for your business. So remember, the objective of this is to reverse engineer, to a hundred thousand dollars a year.

Which is eight thousand, five hundred dollars a week, which is one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars, a day. Now how can you do this with your small business, in particular, your carpet cleaning business? The video above is aimed at carpet cleaners and looking at improving there carpet cleaning business marketing

Social media Marketing for carpet cleaners

Now let’s look at the old favorite which is Facebook for your carpet cleaning marketing plan. Even today, you can still get free leads for your carpet cleaning business, or any small business for that matter of fact. Facebook, is another platform that you should really be looking at if you’re serious about your small business.

You need to be getting into regular maintenance carpet cleaning work, for this use LinkedIn.

You should be looking at LinkedIn, to make contact with decision-makers in companies. To grow your business, so that you can get regular maintenance work now.

How and what else can you do to generate more leads? Obviously, you’re going to have your website and you’re going to generate leads from that from Google.

Carpet cleaning marketing plan for social media

If I was starting again as a carpet cleaner, and building a business. I would be doing Instagram, I’m going to tell you why you’re going to use these Platforms in a minute. The biggest one that I would use and concentrate on, from the start, for one of two reasons would be YouTube.

I would add YouTube into the mix because, every video that you do for these other platforms Facebook, LinkedIn for Instagram, should all be on your YouTube channel in a longer form of content and I’m going to tell you why.

Carpet cleaning marketing plan for youtube

YouTube is going to be the biggest factor for you to concentrate on video marketing so what would you do once you’ve got all these leads coming from all these platforms, you need to then build a list.

You need to build an email list and with that, you will always have a consistent cash flow for your carpet cleaning business.

Send them offers on a regular basis so we go from here, and we send a monthly newsletter for instance, you could send out a monthly newsletter about your business, directing people back to your YouTube videos. Keeping them in contact with you and your small business.

Keeping Customers engaged with you

Now remember the bigger picture for your carpet cleaning business marketing is keeping customers engaged, now I know how hard it is to keep domestic customers engaged, with carpet cleaning especially in the UK, basically, they’ll use you once a year if you are lucky maybe twice in two years. Maybe once every two years, maybe once every three years, but keeping that customer as your customer, is one of the most important things you need to be doing as a business owner.

If you’ve been up and running for a few years, you’ll know when there’s going to be a slow period, so you send the offers to your customers with your email list and you have that email list because you have given them a receipt for the work that you have done, and you email it to that customer.

Email Marketing for a carpet cleaning business.

Building the email list for your small carpet cleaning business should be the main objective of your carpet cleaning marketing plan for 2023, now remember, you can use this for any type of small business, January is always a quiet quiet spell okay so you look at January offers so that when you’re booked up fully for December you’re going to send out email offers to customers that they’ll get 45 offer whatever you’re going to give them, an offer that they cannot refuse to turn down.

So that it fills your diary in January.

THE BEST carpet cleaning business marketing EVER

Now that you are ranking your website and your target targeting local traffic you’re doing the same with Facebook, targeting local traffic, same with LinkedIn you’re targeting local businesses, you are on a roll with your carpet cleaning marketing plan so far.

Make More Money carpet cleaning, with this one Maretking platform.

This is where YouTube comes into its own as a platform and it should really go right at the front, now if you go on to YouTube and you type in carpet cleaning although it says there are only 73 searches a month.

And it’s going to cost you three pounds 12 costs per click if you’re advertising to just carpet cleaning as a generic keyword in the UK. okay, so this is set up for the UK look at the number of views that these videos are getting now.

How does this video carpet cleaning business marketing work, and how is it going to improve your business?

If you get your videos monetized on YouTube like a lot of these companies are doing. You are not going to turn these people into customers. But what it does, is it generates your business extra income.

Now, remember you’re aiming for a hundred thousand dollars a year, eight thousand five hundred a week. One thousand six hundred and fifty dollars per day.

If we go over to a website called SocialBlade. We can check how much extra revenue they are making on a monthly basis from YouTube.

You can actually see how much money he is making from YouTube.